The Sermon After Party Podcast Kyle Sapp from Cordova Church of Christ shares additional insight and context while answering your questions each week around his sermon

May 15, 2019  

On episode 72 of the SAPPcast Kyle discusses his fourth installment of the new sermon series titled “Dig Deeper: Power and Purpose”. Kyle starts to dive in to Hebrews 2:4-9 right before we take a hard right turn in to a Christians responsibility in the discussion of global warming and humanities impact on the world.  We finally tie the tangent back in to the sermon and discuss kyles point about "controlling your kingdom".  We discuss the second point, reverse Marie Kondo your life by finding what gives someone else joy in their life, with personal application for what gives Kyle and Andrew joy in their lives. Kyle finishes up with a synopsis of Hebrews chapter 2 in preparation for Sundays sermon on chapter 3. 


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