The Sermon After Party Podcast Kyle Sapp from Cordova Church of Christ shares additional insight and context while answering your questions each week around his sermon

May 8, 2017  

On Episode 7 Kyle recaps the classes he taught at Pepperdine Bible Lectures. Kyle discusses the transition process Cordova went through from Jimmy to himself and their joint presentation at #PBL17.  He concludes with a excellent recap of the sermon series "Grace in Affliction" that he presented last week in his class "The master and the mentally ill."

Linked below are the sermon page with “Grace in Affliction,” the #PBL17 feed(including kyles classes and the Esther sermon by Amy Bost Henegar) and the 3 books referenced in the podcast. 

Here is the link to "Grace in Affliction."

4 sermons in February 2017:

  1. A voice
  2. Can't Breath
  3. In Chains
  4. Darkness

#PBL17 content stream from iTunes 


Grace for the Afflicted”- Matthew Stafford

Darkness is My Only Companion”- Kathryn Greene-McCeight

“In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts”- Gabor Mate,M.D.

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