The Sermon After Party Podcast Kyle Sapp from Cordova Church of Christ shares additional insight and context while answering your questions each week around his sermon

May 30, 2017  

On Episode 10 of the Sapp cast Kyle briefly discusses the second sermon in the 7 Withnesses series: "Jonathan: A true friend." He connects the subtle tension between David and Jonathan’s family to the concept that “Our Johnathan calls us to a higher way of living.”  Kyle concludes by giving four ways to be, or to be open to reciving, a Jonathan:

  1. Get emotionally healthy
  2. Pray
  3. Understand healthy relationships
  4. Intentionaly use your time: Don’t only spend time with Jonathans

Verses on friendship:

  • Prov 18:24
  • Prov 7:4
  • Prov 17:17
  • Prov 19:4
  • Prov 19:6
  • Prov 22:11
  • Prov 27:6
  • Prov 27:9
  • Prov 27:10

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